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Sample Pack - Ambre Blends Pure Oil Essences

Sample Pack - Ambre Blends Pure Oil Essences

$ 19.00

* Sample Pack contains one sample vial of all five Ambre Blends Pure Oil Essences (Ambre, Invoke, Solace, Unmasque & Ahnu) along with a product info card

* A great way to find your favorite Ambre Blends scent!

* Each vial contains two applications worth of oil essence

* Due to manufacturer's specifications, sample vials are all approximately half full

*These bags are Ethically Sourced & Organically Grown.
Certifications: GOTS certified organic cotton and Fair Trade Certified Factory
Their mission is to better our environment with the sustainable products for generations to come and improve the lives of farmers and factory workers on a global scale. Their goal is to help companies like ours to share the story and celebrate our brand while making an environmental impact and improving the lives of those who are part of the production process. 

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